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Henry Rouslin

Creative Developer, EVNT Games

Henry Rouslin (she/they), known online as Henzoid, is a 22 year old writer and mapmaker specializing in level design and conceptual mechanics, as well as custom resource packs. Known for difficult, yet fair gameplay often paired with a more simplistic, less detail-oriented building style, character-rich dialogue, and an emphasis on command block work.

Henry has been employed previously as a creative developer at EVNT Games, and is a recent graduate of Brandeis University in Waltham, where she double majored in English and Creative Writing, with a focus on screenwriting, childrens' entertainment, and LGBTQ+ representation in the media.

Henry has previously been contracted by:

HBomb94, Logdotzip, UnspeakableGaming, Shark, Mithzan, and more.

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Current Project

Undertale but it's just the puzzles and the puzzles are harder


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Henzoid also makes music!

For a number of maps, especially the x squared series, Henzoid has made custom music and sounds, as well as making music just for fun! A playlist of songs can be found below.

Also, all of the music is owned entirely by them, and they'd love for you to use it in the background of streams or whatever you want, it's all entirely royalty-free!

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Henzoid has a discord! It's called The Henzone and it's the absolute best place to go if you either love their maps and want to talk to other people who do as well, want to talk to them, or want to see sneak peeks of their upcoming projects.

Join The Henzone Today!

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